I've got new-build leads, now what?

How is it that some builders sign up new-builds with ease, while others struggle to get clients across the line?

Over the years I've seen this happen over and over and have noticed a common difference between how these builders handle their leads. The difference is in the follow-up!

Changing your follow-up strategy can add amazing results to your company.

Let's say you've got a new-build lead from your website...
(maybe they've mentioned they have a section and their finance is all sorted). While email is a great way to contact and build trust, the phone is one of the most effective ways to make a personal connection.

Now let's create some structure around your follow-up call and break it down into four steps...

We're going to call the first stage of your call;

Stage one:
The Situation (tone: friendly)

Your initial call should be filled with questions and listening that'll help you understand the person's current position 100%..... (How can you best help someone if you don't know where they are currently?).
Asking smart questions and actively listening will allow you to guide and help them in a more personalised way in the final step.

Stage two:
Objective (tone: interested)

Where do they want to be?

Again, smart questions should be used here to uncover things like expected timeframes, budget limitations, and dreams your prospect has.

Stage three:
Challenges (tone: empathetic)

What’s slowing them down?

What challenges have they had so far? (are they struggling with design ideas, the layout of their plan, knowing what the new-build process is, issues with past builders, site limitations, not knowing their soil conditions etc.)

Stage four:
The Result (authoritative)

What would you prescribe?

Now that you know their current situation, where they want to be and the challenges they face, you are in the perfect position to help.

What's the next step you can help this prospect with?
Maybe they need their soil tested, some floor plan changes, a new design, a quote? Whatever it is, you can create paid "help packages".

...By helping your new-build prospect move forward and paying for a soil test or a new-home design package through your company, you're helping them progress towards "where they want to be" - their objective, all while building trust. It also gives them a taste of what it's really like working with you before signing the big contract.

Did you know, when people are asked just to take just a small step, they're twice as likely to move forward? (Cialdini)

Remember to:

  • Capture and organise your notes on your prospective clients. A tool like Pipedrive does a fantastic job of this!
  • 50% of sales happen after the 5th contact so remember that the sale may not happen right away and don’t get frustrated when having to make more than a couple of phone calls.
  • 38% of good communication happens through tone of voice and only 7% is the actual words spoken.

If you're not yet generating consistent new-build leads online,
check you have four things in place:

  1. Do you have a professional, fast loading website?
  2. Do you have concept plans on your website, available to download?
  3. Are you capturing visitor info and pre-qualifying them?
  4. Are you driving targeted traffic to your website?

If you're missing one of the above, message us here and we'll give you detailed feedback on how you can change this.

Founder/ Designer
March 26, 2019

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