Homepacks Build with Seth Loveridge

We recently spoke with Seth from Loveridge Enterprise Builders about using Homepacks and one of their concept plan builds...

What’s your background?

Hi, Seth here from 'Loveridge Enterprise Builders Ltd.' and trading as LEB. I am a qualified NZ Joiner and Carpenter. I did my joinery apprenticeship and stuck with joinery for about six years before doing my carpentry apprenticeship. We are based in Morrinsville, and I formed the company in 2010. I now have ten staff and a really good team. We focus on mid to high end residential new builds, and that's working really well for LEB.

Why did you choose our concept plans for your business?

I choose Homepacks as I wanted a set of plans for LEB and our clients. I also wanted a website which I had not got around to doing either. I communicated with Sam from Homepaks for some time before signing up with ten home plans. Sam was good to deal with, and we now have 65 home plans on our LEB website, and it all works well. I chose Homepaks because I didn't want the cost of setting plans up with an architect. Before Homepacks, I was using some plans that Placemakers had on their system.

What reservations did you have about purchasing our concept plans?  

It was just nerves of handing over the money. Quite a few phone calls and emails with Sam and we went ahead.

What benefits have you found from using Homepacks concepts?

It has increased new builds for LEB. Made it easier for clients to find an initial floor plan and work from there. I have had good comments about the layout of our LEB website aswell.

Have you found having Homepacks concepts help to draw more customer inquiries and leads into your business?

Yes, the whole system works well. Yes, it has drawn more customers in for us.

How does having your own range of plans help you?

The plans give a great starting point for new clients. Also speeds up the consent plan process and the concepts are already done. Of course, most clients will make some small plan changes.

How have you found working with predesigned, customisable concept plans?

It has sped up growth for LEB and made things easier for drawing in new clients.

Here's a Homepacks plan Seth & his team built:

LEB Artist impression, concept plan by Homepacks
Sstacking blocks were added and a higher pitched mono roofline.
Street front view, build complete.
Stacking blocks closeup with black grout.

What custom changes were made to the original concept plan?

This plan was 220m² in total, we added an attached garage and opened up the living area slightly by adding some structural steel. The living area has really high stud raking ceilings, which is a great feature. We also added a roof over the entry as a feature. A lot of polished concrete floors in this build. The client was really happy with home and layout. LEB actually used this home to show a lot of new clients through by appointment.

What was the value of this build?


Are you happy with your plans?

Yes, we are happy, I would recommend Homepacks!

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