Homepacks Build with Jake & Sarah Henson

We recently spoke with Jake & Sarah from Lion Builders about using Homepacks, and one of their concept plan builds...

How long have you been building, and what's the size of your team?

Four builders, and we've been building as Lion Builders for almost seven years.

Why did you both choose Homepacks for your business?

We wanted to set up a website, and we wanted to have plans available for people to start looking at as a base and really help give people ideas and starting points from which they could work.

Have you found that it's worth having on your website?

Yeah, it gives people the confidence and ideas. Quite early on, people were keen on a plan, so we had something to go off from that, and then the conversation gets started.

What benefits have you found from having predesigned plans?

It's a little bit hard for us to gauge properly because we've been quite preoccupied with work that has taken us away from the ability to do client builds (been focused on building units). We've certainly been able to get into the process and discussions because of having plans, so there are definitely benefits for us.

Would you say you've got a kickback from your investment?

Yeah, we've definitely got kicked back from it. If anybody is having a discussion with us, they've got a website to go to, and that website is populated with good professional renders and plan options people can go to.

...We've got another build now that we've pre-sold that came to us via our website and because they saw this home.

How much time does having pre-designed plans save you?

From the start, it probably saves a month when having a good concept plan to start with, which is massive when you think of all your expenses over that time.

Recently we've had the experience where we've gone to a designer and said, "look, we're busy at the moment. You guys come up with a concept", and it was just nowhere near what we were after. So then we had to come up with something and then go back. So it does save a good month, I would say, in terms of going back and forth.

...Here's a Homepacks plan Jake & Sarah built:

The original Artist Impression
Looking from the street, additional boxed corners used.
A pergola used for the outdoor living like in the original plan
Lots of private lawn space left on the section
Foyer with slatted timber and a living space
Open kitchen, dining and living
Looking through the kitchen to the second lounge.

Changes made from the original plan:

The laundry was changed into a separate room (from the garage), The bathroom and ensuite layouts were altered, and the floor area slightly increased.

"From the start, it probably saves a month when having a good concept plan to start with, which is massive when you think of all your expenses over that time."
- Jake & Sarah from Lion Building

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