Homepacks Build with Philip & Laurie II

We recently spoke with Philip & Laurie from Bingley Design & Build in Tasmania about using Homepacks and this new concept plan build...

What's your background?

I've been in the industry for about 20 years. I worked in a family building business for nearly 15 years and worked for myself for 5 years. We have four full-time staff now, plus me and Laurie, my wife.

Why did you and Laurie choose Homepacks for your business?

We were looking to do something a little bit different to everybody else, and I thought adding a design element could attract more clients. We were also seeing a lot of clients coming to us with plans for houses that they couldn't afford to build. We figured, if we had some control from the start with the design phase, we could work with people's budgets better.

What reservations did you and Laurie have before purchasing? 

We were a little hesitant due to the cost outlay and whether it would be successful and create more business for us.

...And have you found that to create more business for you?

Oh, absolutely! With the website and the Homepacks, it's created heaps of interest, our leads have gone up like 300 per cent, and we get really good reviews.

What benefits have you found from having your Homepacks?

It gives us the advantage of being a one-stop-shop. So a client and come to us say, "we want to build a new home, we like the look of this; this is our budget." We can deal with them right from the start, we can meet their budget requirements still, give them the look of the house that they like, and then they really don't go anywhere else

...Is it helping you control your sales better?

Aw, for sure! Yeah, it does, and it stops us from having to compete for every job against other builders.

Have you found it brings in more customer enquiries?

Yes, definitely, a lot more! People think in pictures, so when they can see something, it makes them much more comfortable with what they're going to get. When they go to a draftsman or an architect, they might have a couple of ideas, but if they can actually see something that appeals to them right from the start, it makes them a lot more comfortable.

 ...And does that translate into comfort moving forward signing contracts?

Yeah, yes, it does! They can see right from the start what they're going to get. There's none of this period of wondering whether it's going to look like what they want? Can they afford it once they've got the plans and go to a builder? ...We can get rid of a lot of those issues right at the start. It increases peoples confidence. 

Do you still feel like a custom home builder?

Yeah, for sure, we encourage people to customise the house to what they want. They don't feel like they have to stick exactly to the plan. If any little tweaks are going to suit their lifestyle, we're more than happy to help them with those. Obviously, there are also different levels of spending in terms of internal and outside finishes. The same design can be done at lots of different levels. 

"It's been the best business investment we've made!"

Here's a Homepacks plan Philip, Laurie & their team are building:

The original concept plan/ artist impression:
Framing up
Roof on, looking back at covered outdoor living
Looking back at the main living and master suite wing.
Looking out of the main lounge with covered outdoor living.
flooring in, gib on.
Hallway to bedrooms

How would you describe your investment in Homepacks?

It's been the best business investment I've made!

...If I could make one investment like this each year, I would be retired pretty quickly.

It hasn't been a huge outlay for an ongoing return, and there's always the option to upgrade as you guys develop new concepts. You can always be keeping up with the latest design trends and what people are wanting.

Was there anything you found helpful that you didn't realise you'd get before getting started with us?

I've been super impressed with that after-sales service from you personally and all the help you've given with our website and things like that; it's made it a really easy process.

Are new-build clients now more comfortable during your sales stage?

Oh, they are, they are for sure! ...They're only having to deal with one person.

...A lot of people might be thinking about building a house or like the idea of it, but find it a little bit overwhelming to go to an architect or a designer and sit there and tell them what they want. And quite often they don't understand what it's going to cost them, where they come to us and they can say I've had a look at your website and I like that house and pretty much say "this is what we want to do." how much will that cost? An estimate and I can do that without it being a real big deal to them. And I can either say, "that's a bit more than what we want to spend" or "that's spot on. Let's move forward on it". It's just not as an imposing process.

It's working out really good; we've been very happy with it!

"It's been the best business investment we've made!"

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