Homepacks Build with Rachel Roberts

We recently spoke with Rachel from Nuvista Homes about using Homepacks and one of her concept plan builds...

How long have you guys been building and what's the size of your team?  

We've been building for five years, and we have a team of five employed builders.

Why did you and Brad choose Homepacks for your business?

We liked the style of homes, they are a little more unique than some of the others out on the market, and we liked that. It also gives us a point of difference in the design.

What reservations did you guys have before purchasing?

We didn't really have any, to be honest.

What benefits have you found from using Homepacks?

People like that they can visualise what the home is going to look like and that the homes are very easy to make changes too once people are set on a design.

Is it helping your sales process?

It is yes!

What's an example of how your new-build design process has changed?  

A client we're currently working with, they liked the floor plan, but they wanted something a little bit more simple, so we're just changing the exterior, but the rest of it pretty much is bang on.

How have you found customising the plans?

That's really easy. We make changes with clients and then send it off to the draftsman.

How much time do you feel like it's saving you guys?

A huge amount of time! You're not having to reinvent the wheel as such.  

How much time does it save versus starting from scratch for you?

It depends on how decisive the client is, but when they see the floor plan and exterior look they love, it saves a huge amount of time, weeks, potentially even a couple of months.

Anything else you've found useful by having pre-designed house plans?

It sets the brand-story on the style of housing and your quality and things that you put into your business. I think that's what sets you apart to be a little bit more different. You can be in many different categories in the building industry. It tells the story of what you actually do. 

Here's a Homepacks plan Rachel & Brad's team have just built:

The original artist impression
View from the street

TImelapse looking up the driveway.

Vertical Vulcan cladding by Abodo Wood, stylish exterior light fittings, soffits matching the roof and low gable end roofs all add detail to this build.
Looking into the entry/foyer with it's detailed feature wall.
A seamless flow between the kitchen and scullery, finished in warm, homely colours, tiles and furnishings.
Looking into the bathroom and separate powder-room.

What was changed in this build from the original plan?

Not a lot. We mirrored the plan, made the living space and master bedroom 500mm wider, added the attic in the garage, and that was pretty much it.

"It saves a huge amount of time! You're not having to reinvent the wheel as such."

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