Homepacks Build with Sheena Young IV

We recently spoke with Sheena from Callavate about using Homepacks, and one of their new builds...

How long have you and Matt been building, and what's the size of your team?  

We've been building for three years. We use all contractors and have two main teams, one crew of four guys and another crew of three. 

Why did you and Matt choose Homepacks for your business?

We saw a need for having plans to show our potential clients and didn't want to reinvent the wheel. We felt like it would be a seamless option to have a variety of plans to show our clients and would make our service more professional. Also, we really liked the designs.

What benefits have you found from using Homepacks?

Basically, we can get the clients over the line within one meeting because we can go to the site, meet them, and we can instantly go online, we can show them plans that suit that site, get an idea of what style they like by looking through the plans. And that's what I like, as well as being able to just show the clients all the plans so they can pick out a few that they like the style of so they can get a feel for what they like. It makes it easier for the client because they're not having to come to us with ideas of what they like. It really makes the process really quick, seamless and professional.

When do you go over your plans with your clients?

Usually during the meeting, just to get an idea of what they like and then to give them a quick overview of the variety that we've got. I then go away and pick plans that suit their section perfectly and then present them with a selected few, so they don't get too overwhelmed. 

How have you found working with the plans and customising them?  

I love the fact that I can send you a few changes, and they're back with me within sort of twenty-four hours. I think that is a huge benefit because it means that I'm not waiting a week and then the clients are waiting and that sort of thing. The sooner we can get the plans back, the sooner the clients can approve it, and then we can just truck along; that service is amazing!

Also the 3D model you provide with our custom client changes is an awesome added benefit, and the clients think that it's really cool! Everyone says, "wow, that's so cool that you can provide that", and especially with the live cut-through x-sections showing the raking ceilings and stuff.

How much time do you feel its saving you guys?

Oh, God, months! I think it's just huge. I reckon it saves up to two months per client.

Here's a Homepacks plan Sheena & Matt's team are currently building:

Artist impression from the original concept plan
An amazing outlook across vast farmland
Foundations boxed and ready to pour.
Friendly visitors on site
Frames up, looking at the garage (internally split for a multi-use room)
Looking towards the entry (near the roof valley)
Looking back at covered outdoor living, lounge and master.


Changes made from the original plan:

The garage was split via an internal wall to create a multi-use room.

"Its made the process with new-build clients really quick, seamless and professional."
- Sheena from Callavate

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