Homepacks Build with Reuben Christian II

We recently spoke with Reuben from RLC Construction about using Homepacks and this new concept plan build...

How long have you been building?

We've been in business for seven years.

What's your background? 

We're a small, four-person crew that take great pride in our work.

We mainly do new designer builds and large renovations in north Taranaki.

Why did you choose Homepacks for your business?

We decided on Homepacks because of the high-quality, best-looking concept plans. We also had lots of people asking if we offered concept plans and new builds, and we never had that to provide our potential clients.

We were looking for a solution that would give us an online presence and be an easy process to get our website designed to generate lots of potential new-build clients.

Before Homepacks, we considered getting a website designed elsewhere followed by custom concept plans designed to what we wanted but soon realised that it would take far too long and be a very long process. Homepacks offered the best looking plans and excellent service.

What reservations did you have about purchasing our concept plans? 

We had talked to Sam about the process and how long it would take, and this was when we knew it was right for our small company.‍

Sam was really the reason why we decided to use Homepacks with his knowledge of the industry, years of architectural design background and his experience on how to get our business out there without spending crazy amounts of money on ads and get our name into our region and show people what we offer.

What benefits have you found from using your new plans?

We noticed the response from people talking about our online image and professional look.

We seen massive results when we did our ads on social media bringing in around 40 leads a week consistently, which was hard to keep up with if I'm honest but great for our business exposure.

...Now we don't advertise at all, and we still generate ten a week on average.

Have you found having our concepts help to draw more customer inquiries and leads into your business? 

Yes, very much so! We get lots of new-build leads from the plans...They give an excellent base to start on then we customise the floor plans from there.

How have you found our plans fitting into your clients' new-build needs?

We've found it excellent. I had an idea of what style of homes I wanted to focus on, and that is now our online business image that we stand by.

We got a good variety of floor plans and styles, so most people find what they are looking for.

Here's a Homepacks plan Reuben & his team are building:

Original concept plan/ artist impression:

Build photos:

Foundation with insulation before the pour
Wall frames with IBS RidgedRAP done on the outside.
Trusses on and joinery installed
Corrogated roof installed
Partial cladding installed
Horizontal timber shiplap cladding leading up to the main entry.
Custom internal skylight opening

What changed from the original concept plan?

The garage door and the main entry was moved to suit the site's access, some windows were changed to suit minor internal changes, and the exterior cladding changed to the client's preference.

Are you happy with your purchase?

...Very happy and defiantly recommend to anyone looking to have a great online presence and professional look.

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