We're the team behind Homepacks

Helping you, the independent builder, generate your own new-builds.

Hey! I'm Sam,
architectural designer & Visual Artist. All Homes are designed by me, from layouts to artist impressions!

Sam Naus

Hey! I'm Candice,
Systems & Behind-the-scenes Organiser. Everything I do, is for a better customer experience.

Candice Naus

We've grown organically over time from a standard residential drafting business which started back in 2012 into what Homepacks is today!

"Design is something I've always enjoyed! Seeing our product actively make a real difference in the lives and businesses of the residential builders we help is massive!" -Sam.

Are you relying on word of mouth for your new-builds? (not so consistent)
Are you tendering/ pricing against multiple builders? (both which take a considerable amount of time).
Are you contracting to other builders with thin margins?
we can help change this so you're generating your own new-builds with margins in your control.

You get to choose Homepacks that best suit your business and goals with our 3x main packages here. All plans and imagery come custom branded to you, with your branding.

If you're ready to raise the bar in your building company, start looking more professional, start generating your own new-build leads and start giving potential clients a professional experience,
click "I'm Ready" below...

Why Homepacks?

Imagine this...you're after a new fishing rod... 
...So you head down to your local fishing shop...only to find...
They have no rods!
No rods to choose from, no rods on display, none, zero, nada!!??

...Instead, you're recommended to a "rod designer" and told to come back when you have your design. From there, you're told they can price and build it...Crazy right?

Now, we know fishing rods & new homes are totally different, BUT... It's the same feeling a client gets when meeting a new-home builder with no new-home designs.

These "would-be" clients instead go where there IS a selection of designs to use, at least as a starting point.

Now for the speeeeed!
Your new-build clients might like a concept but want changes
OR, likes one plan but the exterior of another
OR a mashup of two or more concepts

Whatever your clients choose, you're speeding-up the decisions and not starting from scratch!

How we got started

Back in 2012 under the name SJN.Architecture, standard consenting was our jam! We worked with lots of great Independent Builders around New Zealand.

We noticed lots of independent builders loosing new builds to larger competitors. Digging deeper, we found this was due to better customer experience.

Would you buy from a motorcycle shop with no bikes on display and the slowest order-time in town?
OR... one which always has all the latest bike options on display and every model is ready to take home that very same day?

Lots of people feel the same with new-home builders who have no imagery & concept plans. Not to mention the slow speed of designing from scratch!

Lots of "would-be" clients find starting from scratch too slow. Franchise builders are not always the clients ideal choice. Local Independent Builders who really care about the build, are a preferred choice, BUT... it forces the client to design from scratch.

"We Decided To Change This."

We started designing house plans paired with artist impressions and other useful files.  We then tested them with some of the builders we worked with over time. The results showed real potential! Builders saw an increase in new-build clients start happening!

In 2017 we rebranded to Homepacks.

Now in 2018, we release a new range of x5 new home designs every month along with ultra sharp 5K imagery.

Our improvements over time have seen new-builds sign-up faster, saving builders more time!

Ready to start generating your own new-builds?

I'm Ready!

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