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Hey! I'm Sam,
architectural designer & 3D Visual Artist. All Homes are designed by me, from layouts to artist impressions!

Sam Naus

Hey! I'm Candice,
Systems & Behind-the-scenes Organiser. Everything I do, is for a better customer experience.

Candice Naus

Our story:

Back in 2012 under the name SJN.Architecture, standard consenting was our jam!

We worked with lots of great independent builders around New Zealand...One thing we noticed was lots of independent builders loosing out to larger competitors.

Digging deeper, we found this was due to better customer experience and a selection of pre-designed house plans.

Would you buy from a motorcycle shop with no bikes on display and the slowest order-time in town?

OR... one which always has all the latest bike options on display and every model is ready to take home that very same day?

...Lots of people feel the same with new-home builders who have no imagery & concept plans. Not to mention the slow speed of designing from scratch!

Lots of "would-be" clients find starting from scratch painful and slow. Franchise builders are not always the clients ideal choice, but local independent builders who really care about the build usually force the client to design from scratch.

...We Decided To Change This!

We started designing house plans paired with artist impressions and full, editable plan files for any client changes.

We then tested these with a small group of builders we worked with over time.
The results showed real potential!..Builders saw an increase in new-build clients start happening!

In 2017 we rebranded to Homepacks.

Now in 2019, we release x5 new house plans every month along with ultra sharp 5K imagery.

Our improvements over time have seen builders get more new-build leads, new-build clients signing up faster and locals taking these builders more seriously because of the professional look.

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