Homepacks build with James Montford

We recently spoke with James from JLM Building about using Homepacks and one of their concept plan builds...

How long have you been building and what's the size of your team?

We've been building twelve years previous. There's four of us on the team.

Why did you and Lauren choose Homepacks?

We wanted to enter into the market with that slightly more edgy style, subdividable home. We've now completed the first one and have got really good feedback and to be honest, we haven't blown over a massive budget or anything in doing that. It's much to what we priced at the start, so it's been a successful way of being that little bit different. It's that sort of style you get when you're spending a million bucks, but there are ways of achieving that at lower scale as well for an entry-level home.  

What reservations did you guys have about purchasing your Homepacks?

We already had a few basic plans so we knew it would work. What we found was that if we spent the money and worked with a couple, it was a far better investment having the Homepacks plans on hand. It also made it easy to achieve what we wanted too.

What benefits have you found from using Homepacks?

...How easy it is to have all plans on hand and ready to showcase what we are out to achieve and what we can do for our clients. The Homepacks content is perfect to be able to do that, and the client was really impressed.

Have you found using Homepacks draws more customer enquiries?

Yep. Massively! People who are visiting the website are seeing the plans and answering a few qualifying questions and getting the ball rolling and starting the process with us.

How does having your own range of plans help you guys?

Hugely! It's having them on hand at any time of the day, being able to bring them up on the phone, iPad or at the home office on the computer.
It's easy for the draftsman who's doing any changes or detailed drawings with the ArchiCAD and .dwg files; it's all there in an easy to navigate and showcase.

What were you guys doing before you had plans?

We were basing what we were going to do off one or two plans that we had saved on the computer that we thought might be quite good before we found Homepacks. I had a smaller team too, so what I was out to achieve was probably not house after house after house. So we were doing each design from scratch on application.

How have you found working with pre-designed customisable plans?

Real good because we're able to pull out a specific plan. I really like the small little ruler icon on each of our client brochures. It simply gives you a chance to scroll through all plans and get a feel for the total length and width of the home. It's a fast starting point, whether that'll work. Because otherwise, you are just starting from scratch, starting from one corner and working your way through designing a home versus having that already done and maximizing or minimizing where we need too, to meet requirements has really helped.

...What about Speed?

Massively! We only have to muck around with plans for two or three days to get them fined up with the draftsman rather than starting a three-week process. It also helps having all the files you supply; we know a lot through the process of building this first one. We've been able to use the .dwg or the workable ArchiCAD and PDF files or whatever we need, and it's already there and done. 

"it's been a successful way of being that little bit different. It's that sort of style you get when you're spending a million bucks, but there are ways of achieving that at lower scale as well for an entry-level home.  "

...Here's a Homepacks plan James & the team built:

looking from the right-of-way with framing up.
caldding on pre-paint
James Hardie exterior painted
Entry with cedar detail
main living/kitchen all gibbed
Looking back from the outdoor living
Looking back from the lawn in the evening

What were the main changes to this plan?

We flipped the plan and moved the living up to the front of the property

What was the value of this build?


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