Homepacks Build with Ben Lawrence

We recently spoke with Ben Lawrence from EBL Homes about using Homepacks and one of their new concept plan builds...

How long have you been building and what's the size of your team?

We've been building for about four years now, and have a team of five.

Why did you and Ethan choose Homepacks for your business?

Because it was a good point of difference and from where we were starting, it was also a good presence (website wise). 

What reservations did you guys have before purchasing? 

None, none at all. -I don't overthink things. Generally, I think my first impression is the best one. Don't start second-guessing yourself.

What benefits have you found from using Homepacks?

For starters, I think your communication is great. You're good on the phone, easy to deal with, which is great because a lot of companies aren't. You've made it very easy for us, and nothing was a problem, so that helps. You also get on and get it done, which is what we're about as well. 

Have you found having plans brings more enquiries?

Oh, definitely one hundred per cent!

How would you say having your own plans is helping you guys? 

The biggest thing that we've had from leads and customers is "we love the designs!"...There's something that no one else is doing locally. They're really drawn to us locally, and it's having something different.

It's good because everything is there. When you're starting with something raw, you're bouncing between a few different people; where, having it all there, (the floor plan, the look, even some of the cladding you'd already picked out), it is all there and ready to go.

Has it sped up your design stage with clients?

Yeah, it definitely has! It saves us about four weeks per new-build. Two builds already are Homepacks designs. We're doing another one next, too! 

How would you describe your investment in Homepacks?

Well worth it, and for anyone starting out, one hundred per cent, it's worthwhile doing! It's a one-stop-shop, and it's all there. You make it easy for us to buy into and make it easy to work with.

"It saves us about four weeks per new-build"
- Ben from EBL Homes

Here's a Homepacks plan Ben, Ethan and their team are building:

The original artist impression
Site cut
Pouring the foundation
QuickSet fully insulated, internally braced, permanent formwork with a raft foundation.
Pour complete
Frames were made on-site to keep the job moving forward during framing availablity slow downs.
Frames standing

What changes were made to this plan?

All we did was we dropped one bedroom and went to a triple garage.

"It saves us about four weeks per new-build"
- Ben from EBL Homes

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