Lowering the barrier for new build clients

Being involved in your clients new home design process might sound daunting and time-consuming at first; However, it might just be the best move you make!

From a client's perspective, starting a house plan from scratch can be intimidating and for good reason! Most people don't design house plans on the daily.

...But what if you could lower this barrier and ease people into their new build design? After all, everyone knows what they like once they see it, right? (Pinterest is working proof of this) ....That's why concept plans work so well!

People looking to build don't have to face that intimidating step of "starting from scratch"

-Yes, everyone likes putting their own spin on the design, this should be expected, (think cladding changes or a wall moved). But starting from scratch is a fear you can help them leave behind.

With your own concept plans, you're not saying;

"we only build from set plans!"

...instead, you're saying

"Look, here's a springboard of home designs and layouts you might like to customise around your new build."

This is totally disarming and inviting to those looking to build a new home.

What's the point of doing this and not sending clients directly to a designer?

  1. Time. Decisions are made faster with a base design and can be customised at speed.
  2. Risk. You've seen it before -Client goes to a designer, then starts approaching other builders. This is because the client owns the plans, not you.
  3. Better customer experience. The level of customer experience is rising along with customer expectations, don't get left behind, jump ahead!
  4. Professionalism. Stand out as a professional builder.

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