Homepacks Build with Mike Watson

We recently spoke with Mike from Capital Homes about using Homepacks and their latest concept plan build...

What’s your background?

We are a small family run business, based out of Pukekohe in South Auckland. We do residential builds of all sizes and do extremely well with clients that are looking for that little bit extra that we provided.

Why did you choose our concept plans for your business?

When launching our web page, we realised very quickly that people are very visual, and want the concepts and images to inspire them.

What reservations did you have about purchasing our concept plans?  

We had no reservations about using Homepacks. The choices were great, and it met our expectations very well.

How does having your own range of plans help you?

Knowing that you have all the required information right there for an estimate, just means you are more able to provide a quick efficient service.

What benefits have you found from using Homepacks concepts?

It is always pleasing to get a potential client mention that the reason they contacted you was because the Homepacks design offered them a vision that they can see themselves living in.

How have you found working with predesigned concept plans that are customisable?

This has been excellent for us. Being able to quickly and easily change a plan to make it match the client's vision is huge.

Here's a Homepacks plan Mike & his team recently finished building:

Capital Homes Artist impression & concept plan by Homepacks
Capital Homes Homepacks new-home build (street front).
Close-up showing the cladding used

What custom changes were made to the original concept plan?

This plan worked really well for the site already. The only main thing we did was extend the living room. Several other small things were changed because of the feel we were chasing.

Build value:

To rebuild this home now, with taking into account all costs associated with a full build, you would be looking around the $550,000 - $600,000 range

Are you happy your plans?

We are very happy with our decision to use this product!

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