Homepacks Build with David Vandegeest

We recently spoke with David from Vandegeest Building about using Homepacks and his latest concept plan build...

What’s your background?

I'm David Van de Geest from Van de Geest Building Ltd. I've been in construction for 15 years. We have a permanent team of four builders and we do new residential builds and some architectural and a lot of single-story subdivision style homes.

Why did you choose our concept plans for your business?

We chose Homepacks because it offered exactly what we were looking for. I wanted to give my business a better-looking front and create a better trust in our brand. Having designs for people to look at gave us a better chance to secure clients as they felt we were more legit as a home building company.

What reservations did you have about purchasing our concept plans?  

Whether the plans were what we wanted to build without having a close look, we found we could customise the plans which made it work out for us.

How does having your own range of plans help you?

Better shop front for our company!

What benefits have you found from using Homepacks concepts?

We have seen a much better conversion rate with our clients, also with design & build as well!

How have you found working with predesigned concept plans that are customisable?

Pretty Good, we have also liked putting our own spin on the concept plans.

Here's a Homepacks plan David & his team recently finished building:

Vandegeest Building Artist impression & concept plan by Homepacks
Vandegeest Building Homepacks new-home build (street front).
Vandegeest Building Homepacks new-home build (outdoor living).

What custom changes were made to the original concept plan?

We changed the hall, added a WC and provided extra storage in the hallway.On the outside we went for a contemporary style cream brick which looked great against the cedar.

Build value:


How did you find working with Homepacks and choosing your plans?

Awesome service, Sam is great to deal with and has done an amazing job with everything!

Would you recommend Homepacks to others?

We are happy with the way Homepacks have Improved the face of our business and the ongoing support. It still comes down to building good homes and having a good reputation. The main thing is we compete for the same market as group home builders and having your own plans takes a string out of their bow.

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