Homepacks Build with Brett Horrell

We recently spoke with Brett from Horrell Construction about using Homepacks and his latest concept plan build...

What’s your background?

I’m Brett Horrell and I own Horrell Construction Ltd. I started my apprenticeship at seventeen and then went on to start my building company in 2012. I have a team of seven and specialise in new homes and renovations in Geraldine.

Why did you choose our concept plans for your business?

We chose Homepacks as we loved the look of them and loved that we would have these plans to offer to our clients with an edgy look to them.

What reservations did you have about purchasing our concept plans?  

The price and set up cost was definitely a concern as we didn’t know whether it would pay off or not in such a small town, we decided to go ahead and take the risk, and it was definitely worth it, people really love the plans!

What benefits have you found from using our concepts?

The plans are so different to the standard housing companies, so they definitely stand out when advertising and they look great on the website, we have a lot of enquires throughout New Zealand!

Have you found having our concepts help to draw more customer inquiries and leads into your business?

Yes definitely with Facebook, Instagram, our website and Pinterest.

How many builds have you got from your plans, and how many in the pipeline?

Six Homepacks builds with two more in the pipeline. We also find they also help attract people with there own plans too!

Here's a Homepacks plan Brett & his team recently finished building:

What custom changes were made to the original concept plan?

The plan was flipped and the floor area was increased from the original 240m² to 272m². We added an extra TV room, a large storeroom, an office space, increased the garage size and pumped a little more room throughout the home.

We also rotated the kitchen for our client’s views and changed the cladding above the windows from metal to cedar to allow for easy cladding installation.

Build value:


...plus an additional $60,000 of landscaping.

How did you find working with Homepacks and choosing your plans?

Awesome service, Sam is great to deal with and has done an amazing job with everything!

Would you recommend Homepacks to others?

We would recommend Homepacks to anybody, we love our plans!

We have already had another builder in the north island contact us regarding these plans, and we said it would be silly not to go ahead with Homepacks!

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