Customisable house plans, not cookie cutter

Have you noticed more and more new-home buyers expecting to see a range of standard home-designs from you lately?

...The need for having a catalogue of designs is becoming an expected norm.

...A "Branz" New Home Owner Report found the most common method of input into a house design by new home buyers, is selecting a concept design from standard plans then modifying the design with custom changes. This makes new-build clients feel like they don't have a cookie cutter design.  

A second "Branz" New Home Owner Report states franchise home builders rely on having standard plans as a primary source of securing new business.

...This means that by having a selection of pre-designed plans on your website and in your office, you can offer your new home buyer "the best of both worlds" while saving both time & money.

When you make the design process easy for new-builds, the process becomes as simple as choosing a movie from Netflix.  Your catalogue of concept house designs will help you provide people with a starting point while still giving you the flexibility to build a custom home.

With a selection of concept design styles, you can narrow down a design that fits individual needs, function and unique styles.  From here you can focus on making the plan work for the section and any changes that are of the highest priority for your client in their new home. This could be that they want a large kitchen, an extra room, or changes to make the plan work for their budget and working towards giving your client their dream home.

A plan with high-spec options shown above
...The same plan shown with low-spec options.

You can further eliminate tedious choices for your client by having your concept design costs figured out.  This way you know how much everything costs and you can efficiently structure the build to a set budget.  

Efficiency can also be implemented by having a set selection of options for fixtures and fittings, e.g., the front door.  This eliminates analysis paralysis for your client, saving time for everyone involved, keeping to budgets and making a potential pain point, painless. This process can also make future pricing faster by having a system around your design options.  

...Now, instead of looking at a blank page your people can look through your custom designs and start making changes small or large, creating their new family home without the stress, time and money of starting from scratch.  ...You're still a custom home builder, you're just making it easier for people to choose and build with you!

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