Building your new-build brand

Some time ago Stuff.co.nz had an article “10 Signs of a Good Builder”.  
While all points of this article were relevant, one stood out...

...Having a “Brand”.

This is one of the most important things you will do for your company if you have not already.  The sooner you get started on your brand, the better.  It will take time to grow, but the impact will be well worth the wait.

The residential building industry is highly competitive, and when you invest in and establish a brand around your company, you then differentiate yourself from your competitors.  

A brand is much more than just your logo.  

Your logo is your visual element that is tied to your brand, making it unique and adding to your brand identity.  

A brand is made up of your logo, identity, design, marketing, strategy and advertising, it can be from how you answer the phone, to how you dress, how you write your emails right through to the font you use on your website.  Building your brand is building a reputation of how clients will perceive you.

Having a brand that is inconsistent shows a company that is disorganised and disjointed. However, having good consistent branding showcases the quality of your business.  This allows you to attract clients, it helps to build a strong reputation, gaining the trust of your clients.  It also shows that you have pride in your business and therefore in your work.  

Stuff stated in their article that “you have to dress the part to play the part”.  This is true, and it resonates with your brand being a reflection on your company and what your company aspires to be.

Where to start:

Your Logo:

A home-made logo probably won’t be the same quality as a professional design.    

Make your area of speciality clear either in the logo or in the slogan and remember that people are naturally drawn to a consistent message or image so keep it clear and concise.  Choose the colours for your logo you that you won’t get tired of and won’t mind looking at over time... remember this logo will be on everything from your trucks, site boards, pre-designed plans and even on your clothing.

Your Website:

Your website needs to connect with the colours you have chosen for your logo.  Your logo and colours on your website will further accentuate your brand and will tell the client they are in the right place (especially if they have seen your logo prior elsewhere).  

Make sure you invest in your website well… Nowadays your website is the most significant opportunity you have to show the quality of your brand, build trust and make an overall great impression.

(If you don't yet have a website or need an upgrade, Get yourself a FREE website demo with us here).

Include your colours and logo on everything and get it out to the world!

  • On your vehicles
  • Pre-designed plans (printed brochures, house & land site-boards, window and in-house plan displays etc.)
  • Signs at events you sponsor
  • Business cards
  • Work clothes, hats etc
  • Traditional methods like newspaper and magazine advertising
  • All social media pages, campaigns and advertising
  • Your email footer

… Also every other place or space you have the opportunity to showcase your brand

Remember to keep your branding is consistent throughout everything from your traditional channels to your digital channels and maintain your brand continually over time, keeping a continuous promotion of your brand across your digital channels.

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