5 things new-build clients look for

A Professional Website

A crappy looking, slow-loading or confusing website will attract crappy or a low-quantity of clients, simple.

Your website is the online face of your business so it should look fresh, be super easy to find your way around and move fast!

Concept Plans

Not everyone has a clear idea on what they want or like, after all, not everyone is a builder like you!

Sure they may know the overall exterior style they're wanting, but plan layouts are usually where consumers get stumped.

All too often, designing from scratch can be daunting for lots of people. This is where concept plans come into play.

New-build clients can view and point out what they like/dislike allowing you to make changes and tweaks to suit. This speeds up the process which may have taken months with a typical designer from scratch. 

This also positions you as the authoritative builder who’s input is respected and trusted. You can also direct the design within budget!

Sharp Imagery

Just like a crappy website, bad imagery will only hurt your online reputation. 

Mobile phones have come a long way with fairly good imagery (for Facebook maybe), but don’t kid yourself. When it comes to your website, a photographer will almost always do a better job of composure and editing!

Using a local photographer will end up winning you more new clients and fans than it’s worth grumbling about.

Guarantees & Insurances

If there’s only one reason to join Master Builders or Certified Builders, it's their widely recognised 10 Year Guarantees and insurances, which most consumers recognise and understand.

Other third-party insurances like Builtin also offer these but are less known by consumers.

Whatever insurance or Guarantees you offer, make sure they’re covered on your website and add the benefits in more than one place so they can easily be spotted!

Reviews / Testimonials

You’ve built some great homes and have happy clients, no doubt,

But do you have a simple system for getting reviews for all your jobs?

Reviews can massively impact your online presence and trust. Too often, testimonials are used instead of reviews which is a massive mistake!

It’s a mistake because reviews are read by Google, which will help you rank, written testimonials will not!

Remember, you can always re-use reviews on your website as testimonials, but you can’t do it the other way around!

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