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"Building can be competitive, but it doesn't have to be...
especially if you're the builder who stands out."
Quality Architectural Floor Plans

Low quality floor plans can hinder your business by reflecting poorly on your capabilities.

Great floor plans are the core of any great home design, so it's always a good idea to invest in concept plans that have real functionality, flow and natural lighting. These three key elements are at the core of every plan we design at Homepacks.

Quality Artist Impressions

Are you missing opportunities by only having 2D line drawings to illustrate building concepts?

2D floor plans are often seen as the easiest and most cost effective way to understand a floor plan/design, however, new build clients often struggle making sense of floor plans alone. Visual 3D imagery makes clients much more decisive and can be the deciding factor between you and another builder.

If you already have visuals but they are of low quality, you could actually be hindering the performance of your business by seeming outdated and irrelevant to clients, and the current options that are available.

Mixing Imagery with plans

When you combine quality 2D floor plans with attractive 3D artist impressions, you're visually engaging with clients faster and assisting potential clients into your own real, new build clients.

Homepacks concept plans and artist impressions together, are seeing more new home clients converting, faster and more positively to the architecturally designed plans and artist impressions we provide.

Become the Attractive Option

New build clients are looking for the attractive option when searching for a quality local builder. Give them one more reason to pick you and gain a competitive edge. With your own stunning rendered images and architecturally designed concept plans to match, you can become that local attractive option.


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