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Homepacks on your Google My Business

This is the first place you should list your business. It's free, you will become highly visible on Google when your name is searched and if done correctly, it will drive traffic to your website and generate more leads.

Not only is it free, It's easy to list on Google My Business. The more complete your profile, the higher you will rank. Images play a big part here and besides your logo, you should have some appealing images which will attract clients. A range of inspiring home designs will work nicely here.

Homepacks on your Website

If you already have a website, Great! If not, getting one would be a good start. A website builds trust and can generate leads for your business 24/7.

A website builds trust, it says to potential clients, "Hey, I'm real, this is what we're about and what we stand for." Your website may not be the first interaction someone has with your business, but most people will look you up. If they don't see a website, this may tilt their trust enough to select someone else. (we can help with your new website).

Homepacks In Your Office

When clients come to your office, have something to showcase!

Most people don't deal with floor plans on a regular basis, so while certain features of a 2D floor plan may excite you, your new visitors may feel lost and bored.

By having a range of inspiring home designs, you're giving your potential clients real options and a visual experience that can help motivate and excite them to move forward with you and your business.

Homepacks on your Social Media Feed

Social media can deliver new build clients if used correctly. While people are not on platforms like Facebook to instantly purchase anything, they are open and likely to engage with emotional cues, (eg Tired of average house plans?). By boosting your posts with Facebook and advertising with Facebook's highly targeted ads, you can showcase your new range of homes to locals who are ready to build.

Homepacks in your Local Newspaper & Publications

Newspapers and local publications can be great place to showcase and stand out amongst the local competition!

By having a range of architectural home designs, you may well position yourself as a quality builder who builds stylish homes, not the cookie cutter type.

Homepacks in your Local Online Directories

Online local directories are highly used by those who want a clear list of available businesses which service a particular area. A lot of businesses add themselves into directories but not many complete their profiles by adding images, (the more complete your profile, the higher you rank). If you were to complete your profile and add some appealing images of architectural homes within your directory profile, you would most likely stand out and start ranking higher than most of your competitors.

Here are some of the most prominent New Zealand Directories: Localist, Finda, Yellow, Cylex

Homepacks on Physical Site Boards

Those interested in building a new home will often drive around looking at sections before meeting with a builder. With your physical site boards in such locations, you are positioning your business as a viable option to this group.

Another great thing about physical site boards are the ongoing leads you can generate, without the ongoing cost, usually associated with advertising. Contact the developer, or work with a real estate agent to make this happen, with the only cost being your simple site board.

Homepacks with a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can be highly valuable and can turn your concept plans into real, new home builds. Not only do they bring the clients to you, they also deal with the clients and hand you the build.

Builders who pair with a real estate agents usually see more builds, as less of your time is wasted selling and more is left to what you do best, building great homes!

Homepacks on Trademe

713,475 is the average number of people who visit Trademe each day.

With property being such a large category within Trademe, not taking advantage of such exposure would be crazy. Pairing your home with a section may be the best option here as it allows you to be placed in categories with existing home sales.

Homepacks at Trade Shows & Expos

Trade shows and expos are a great way to generate real leads, BUT, only if you have something to offer!

With a new range of impressive home designs, the chance of someone who's ready to build a new home to start interacting is very high, bamm! you have another new lead!

Homepacks in your Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a great way to get instant website visitors onto your website from highly targeted keywords. Your ad will show to those searching with your selected keywords via Google search.

With a range of attractive home images, you can give your ads more visual appeal, rather than showcasing just your logo, text or badly taken photos.

Homepacks in your Sponsorship Ads

Getting behind local sport events is a great way to build local trust and brand awareness with those in your community.

By showcasing some attractive home designs next to you logo, you're positioning your brand with highly attractive homes. Something that will stick in the minds of those at the event.

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Reviews from builders:

May 15, 2022
Victor K

I have found Sam a joy to work with he is prompt in getting back. The plans produced are fantastic and we look forward to continuing our business with Homepacks. I would highly recommend Homepacks to any company looking to expand their business.

Apr 28, 2022
Brent S

I have dealt with Sam for around 12 months, I have found the product and service excellent, especially for a small construction company like mine. Sam also provides new plans which I find up to date with what the market is wanting. For me to be able to do this myself would not be cost efficient. Thanks again Sam!

Nov 29, 2021
Amanda P

Fantastic designs which are on trend and desirable. The designs have been inspirational to our clients and the style has given our company further enquiries and increased our business. Sam is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Oct 22, 2021
Martin O

Great plans backed up by great service. We are about to build four of these homes and the leads keep coming in.

Jun 2, 2021
Lain H

Ive been working with Sam for about a year now. Since we started using homepacks our business has grown in leaps and bounds. Sam is always able to get changes done when we need and this keeps our clients engaged and happy. Our only problem is keeping up with the demand! Thanks Sam, Well done You've created a great business model!

Dec 10, 2020
Sheena Y

Homepacks has been a fantastic asset to our business by streamlining the sales process with potential clients, and providing them with plans that have the WOW factor. Sam is also very efficient at making any plan changes required, which means we can then provide a prompt service, and have plans approved and underway quickly.

Sep 10, 2020
Laurie B

Homepacks has been a fantastic investment for our business. We wanted to add another level to our business and Sam from Homepacks has certainly helped us create this. It's only been a few months since we have launched our website with our plans and business information, and the leads have been phenomenal. Sam made the process so simple and our website looks so professional. Thanks again Sam!

Jul 1, 2020
Luke F

Sam and the team at Homepacks provided me with a great outcome for the specific designs I required for my business. There home-pack designs are unique and innovative for a project builder or small builder who wants to look professional next to his competitors. I would recommend Homepacks to any company or builder looking for a cost effective and professional solution to there business.

May 28, 2020
Darren R

Homepacks has allowed our small building business to take off! Instead of just renovations and contract work we have been able to sign up new builds and make a name for ourselves in the house build market with a distinctive house style. Highly recommended.

May 12, 2020
Kane D

Great product and service!

Dec 18, 2019
Kurt D

Sam has done a great job setting up our website. The concept plans have been a great addition to our business.

Oct 16, 2019
Deb T

Sam from Homepacks has been very patient with me. Our process has taken about 6 months from the start of creation. I simply didn't have the time to put to it. That put aside Sam has just been amazing through the entire process. I am more than impressed with Sam's business and also what he has delivered for us

Sep 26, 2019
Levi S

Really enjoyed working with Sam. He is very energetic and has some great ideas but also listens to what you need and want too ! I would use him again if I built again and would recommend to anyone wanting a classy house design. Cheers Sam

Jun 11, 2019
Steve H

The feed back I have received form clients , friends & colleagues have been great! All very impressed with the super sharp imagery. I just hope I can build as good as the pictures look.

May 27, 2019
Mark F

Sam knows his stuff and is really helpful. Highly recommend having a chat.

May 21, 2019
Scott C

We purchased a set of plans and had our website created through Homepacks. They were amazing to deal with from start to finish and post sales service has been great. So helpful. Thanks Sam!

May 14, 2019
Shane K

We have been using Homepacks for some time now and find them great for our business, not only for the great range of plans available but also we find the artist impressions are a good a marketing tool on website and facebook as the are very professional looking, Thanks Sam and the team at Homepacks

Jan 15, 2019
Steve S

Homepacks have the WOW factor. Sam and his team have been faultless. We have already confirmed 2 new houses since launching our website and designs with Sam just before Christmas 2018. We also did a marketing campaign and have had a huge amount of very positive leads with clients that has sections. I am very excited for 2019 Thanks guys

Aug 12, 2018
David V

Homepacks has helped with bringing a much more professional face to our business! Since Sam has been involved we have notice a considerable improvement with leads and how people have responded to our business. Highly recommend it :)

Jun 26, 2018
Taryn B

Great service and stunning plans, highly recommend to all looking to develop their plan range.

Jun 11, 2018
Finlay H

I highly recommend using Homepacks for any building company who is looking at getting a professional look to there company.Sam and his team are great to deal with and Sam has really helped with great advice on how to grow my Building Company. Can not thank Homepacks enough for all the help they have given me plus the outstanding designs that the public is loving. You won't be disappointed in getting in touch and using Homepacks designs!

May 12, 2018
Reuben C

We are so happy with our new plans and website from Sam at Homepacks . Results have been amazing seeing many people interact with our plans and now talking to multiple people about there building needs.

Mar 14, 2018
Hannah G

Such a pleasure doing business with Homepacks. They have taken our building project to the next level. Very professional with innovative concepts and ideas. Highly recommend.

Feb 13, 2018
Pieta S

Yes well I wasn't sure what they'd be like but I'm super super impressed with the results. Absolutely love the plans and the service from Sam thanks heaps! More plans please

Dec 12, 2017
Toni K

Great service from Sam at Homepacks, absolutely love our custom home. Couldn't be more impressed really! Quick and easy to deal with and reasonably priced. Would recommend to all.

Dec 1, 2017
Suzie R

Since we have bought our first two Homepacks only six months ago, we now have ten houses being built and another seven coming through so far! Everyone loves them!

Nov 25, 2017
Sue K

The plans were really highly received, everyone loves them. We now have forty new clients to follow up, most of them with sites, so a success!

Nov 4, 2017
Brett H

Great value! We are building two Homepacks designs. The ongoing support has been excellent!

May 12, 2017
Stacey P

Sam and Candice were amazing to deal with. They respond promptly to all queries and I can't rate their efficiency and service highly enough. I wish every business was this easy to deal with!

May 11, 2017
Rhiana W

Homepacks Architectural Plans has been outstanding to work with designing our house and business. Sam not only is outstanding at design but also seems passionate and really buys into what his clients goals are. We could not have been happier with their work and would recommended anyone to work with them.

May 8, 2017
Craig P

Working with Sam and the team from Homepacks has been a real pleasure. Sam is keen, efficient and great to work with. I look forward to working with him on my next project!

Apr 2, 2017
Lans H

Absolute professional from start to finish thank you!

Aug 4, 2016
Mike R

Great designs! Our Homepacks spec home sold to the first person who walked through the door! We're now onto our second spec home, the 'Luna' design.

May 3, 2016
Baden B

Our new range of house plans have delivered in every aspect, it's been invaluable!

Feb 10, 2016
Seth L

We've built one as our showhome and have great reviews. We've also completed another Homepacks design with a very satisfied client! Homepacks are helping our business grow every year!

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